Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

AHAVA Law provides services in five key areas. Due to our commitment to family and quality service, the firm limits the number of open cases in each service area. Attorney hourly rates range from $250 -$400 per hour, with special rates for veterans and service members.

Estate Planning

For those who like to be prepared. AHAVA Law provides unbundled flat fee estate plan services. Fees are determined upon consultation and potential client completed questionnaire based on a fee schedule. Plans start at $600 for a “Boot Camp/College/Individual Emergency Plan” and increase from there based on various complexity factors. Each estate plan is tailored to the client’s values, specific situation, needs and desires.

Additional Considerations for Professionals: It is of key importance that professionals (such as attorneys and physicians) have an appropriate professional succession plan. Most do not. As part of the estate planning package, AHAVA Law, P.C. educates professional clients on these requirements and the importance of completing such documents. The State Bar of California guidelines for closing or selling a law practice can be found here.

AHAVA Law has a Legal Professional Estate Plan Package which includes the necessary practice agreements.

For those individuals who cannot afford an attorney and/or need something in place immediately, please see the Free California Statutory Estate Plan below.

In deep appreciation for their service and sacrifice, Sheila-Marie Finkelstein, Esq. provides complete estate plans for veterans and military members who qualify through Veterans Legal Institute. Click here to apply to Veterans Legal Institute – please include a reference to “Free estate plan by Sheila-Marie Finkelstein” in your application.

AHAVA Law offers special rates for those veteran and military members who do not qualify through Veterans Legal Institute. Click here to request a complimentary consultation.

Trust Administration

For those who have planned, AHAVA Law provides valuable trust administration services when the time comes due to death or incapacity. AHAVA Law provides services according to the clients’ comfort levels and desires. AHAVA Law can provide as little as a consultation guidance and overview, to complete white glove administration services. Trust Administration fees will be billed hourly on an evergreen retainer. The initial replenishable deposit for an uncontested estate administration is $5,000.

Trust Litigation

For contested and/or poorly drafted plans. Limited to two cases per year. Minimum initial replenishable deposit is $10,000.


For those who need additional protections, failed to plan, or planned poorly. The initial replenishable deposit for an uncontested matter is $5,000, and $10,000 for a contested matter, plus costs. Fees are paid by the proposed conservator, with possibility of recovery from proposed conservatee with Judge’s approval.


For those with a Will based plan, or who failed to plan, we help navigate the complex probate system. Attorney Fees are charged according to the Probate Code fee schedule (costs paid upfront, but attorney’s fees upon final distribution). The initial costs are determined by the place of death as the cost to publish varies greatly based on geographic affiliation. Estimate average initial costs are between $1,500 - $5,000. Please use the probate fee calculator below to estimate the attorney and executor/administrator’s fees.